The Meeting of the International Alliance for Mountain Film was held during the Gorniškega Filma Festival of Ljubljana (Slovenia), on 1 March in Domžale, and the Board was completely renewed. The IAMF – founded to enhance, promote and conserve mountain film – today counts 24 members, from 18 countries, on 5 continents. The previous group that guided the Association for the last three years – composed of President Joan Salarich (Spain), Vice-President Gabriela Kühn (Poland), Coordinator Aldo Audisio (Italy), and Councillors Silvo Karo (Slovenia) and Michael Pause (Germany) – has been replaced by an almost entirely renewed Board.

For the next three years, the following have been elected: President Javier Barayazarra, director of the Festival of Bilbao (Spain); Vice-President Roberto De Martin, representative of the Festival of Trento (Italy); Coordinator Marco Ribetti, vice-director of the Museo Nazionale della Montagna of Turin (Italy); two Councillors, Basanta Thapa and Silvo Karo, respectively president of the Festival of Kathmandu (Nepal) and president of the Festival of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Area representatives were also nominated: for Europe, Michael Pause (Germany); for Asia and Oceania, Billy Choi (Korea); for North America, Joanna Croston (Canada); and for South America, María Ema de Antueno (Argentina).

Furthermore, the Association’s traditional headquarters in the Museo Nazionale della Montagna in Turin – where the International Alliance for Mountain Film was founded in February 2000 – was also reconfirmed.



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