New Multi-Festival Submission Form enable films to enter all IAMF festivals in one single entry


The International Alliance for Mountain Film is an expert centre for professionals and organizations that work in the sector of Mountain Film and provides a globally operating network of festivals, held in 20 different countries – with events on each continent. The network enables a professional and creative exchange with filmmakers, athletes, outdoor brands and the mountain community, and fosters the sharing of ideas and  providing services that are useful for both the film and mountain community and the members of the Alliance.

As a well-established institution, the International Alliance for Mountain Film’s primary goal is to promote, enhance, and preserve mountain cinema. In the 20 years of its existence, cinema has changed immensely, transitioning from analog to digital systems and adapting to an increasingly connected and online world, to which the International Alliance for Mountain Film and its members have always adapted.

This year marks the launch of an online multi-festival film submission form, which makes it possible to register films to all IAMF members with one single entry via On the one hand, this simplifies the film entry for directors and producers, who had to fill in different entry forms in the past; on the other hand, it makes the entries accessible to all members of the IAMF and brings the films to a larger, global audience.

With the online multi-festival submission form it is possible to enter films in one single application to all the festivals, whose registration period is open. The multi-festival submission form provides an overview of which festivals the film has been entered for, and it is possible to set reminders when other IAMF festivals open their film registration.

Directors can opt for leaving a copy of their film in the archive of the International Alliance for Mountain Film at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna in Turin, Italy, whose sole purpose is to preserve and archive materials from the festivals, documenting the evolution of mountain cinema over time. Films will not be used for screenings (live or online) or for commercial purposes; they cannot be borrowed either. If anyone is interested in archived materials, the Museo Nazionale della Montagna will put them in touch with the rights holders.

The International Alliance for Mountain Film continues to promote, develop and preserve mountain cinema by adapting and taking advantage of changing technologies and we are convinced that we are part of a community in which, as in a rope party, working together allows us to achieve greater goals, such as offering the greatest possible number of quality films to growing audiences around the world.


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