NO LIMITS, BEYOND BORDERS. Cinema in the Western Alps

The exhibition “No limits, beyond  borders. Cinema in the Western Alps” opened on July 4th at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna in Turin, Italy. A film excursion in which visitors can walk immersed among the posters and images of films that have marked the history of mountain cinema, from the beginning to the present day, edited by Marco Ribetti and Enrico Verra.

A small sector is dedicated to the International Alliance for Mountain Film. Some directors have recorded short videos, recounting their favourite films about limits or borders: they are European, Asian and American, and do not speak only of the Alps, but of mountains the world over, adding an  international perspective to the exhibition.

In the IAMF room: Marco Ribetti, curator of the exhibition and IAMF coordinator with Jabi Barayazarra, IAMF president

With Vincenzo Torti, the Italian Alpine Club president



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