Ljubljana, Slovenia

Festival gorniškega filma

12/02/2024 - 17/02/2024

Festival gorniškega filma was first organized in 2007 by Silvo Karo, who is still the director of this popular event. The festival aims to increase Slovenian mountaineering film production and popularize mountain culture. It’s found a welcoming crowd in Slovenia, a country with an incredibly rich mountaineering tradition where mountains have always played a central role. Most of the festival programme takes place in Ljubljana and Domžale; the films compete for the Main Award of the Town of Domžale, as well as awards in each of the four categories (Mountaineering, Climbing, Mountains, Sports and Adventure, and Mountain Nature and Culture). Integral parts of the programme are also lectures, presentations of mountaineering literature, exhibitions, retrospectives, etc.

Festival director: Silvo Karo