Bilbao, Spain

Mendi Film Festival

06/12/2019 - 15/12/2019


More than  fifty thousand spectators have enjoyed a selection of 40-50 films each year since then. These films coming from countries all over the world and all of them in their original versión and subtitled into English, Basque and Spanish.

Furthermore, Mendi Film Festival also offers an extensive programme of activities, including the presence of directors and athletes who provide the direct testimony of their experience.

The magic of sharing the experience with adventurers that face new challenges, and legendary characters of international recognition, is able to attract people keen on films and enthusiastic followers really thrilled by spectacular images from the most amazing corners of the world.

Mendi Film Festival is also a highlight of a vision of humanity, environmental defence, cultural relevance and human interest stories. We place an enormous amount of effort and passion into organising a top quality festival crafted so as to be enjoyed in the sitting of a beautiful city surrounded by mountains at sea level.

Other relavant activities:

Mendi Tour
CVCEPHOTO  International Mountain Photo Contest

Festival director: Javier Barayazarra


  • 01/04/2019 - 15/09/2019

    Registration and subscription deadline: September 15th, 2019

    Once again the time has come for all of you who love mountains and films to sit back and considerer how you are going to be able to come with your work and share it with an eager and passionate audience in a land reputed for both its mountains rising from the sea, it’s gastronomy and people.

    Festival finalists

    • Finalists who attend the Festival will be provided with a room for two nights in the festival hotels.
    • Two film program passes
    • Open passes to “By invitation-only” Festival events
    • Directors, producers and protagonists of the selected films are requested to present the film in person on the day of the screening.
    • Over 23,000€ in prize money and the Festival’s “Eguzkilore” Trophy