Autrans, France

Festival international du film de montagne d’Autrans

05/12/2018 - 09/12/2018

The International Mountain Film Festival of Autrans is unique in France and has been a window for the mountain film industry for the past 26 years. 10,000 spectators attend the main event and films are also shown throughout the year at other venues and dates. Forty per cent of the films shown come from abroad. Sport and culture are represented throughout the Film Festival. The Bobines de l’Extrême is the extreme sports film festival and the Festitrail endurance running race event takes place during the Festival week. The mountain village of Autrans is a true base camp for alpinists and people looking for breathtaking footage.

Other relavant activities:

Exhibitions, animations, trail event, concerts, books meetings, programs for schools.

Festival director: Anne Farrer

Head programming: Anne Farrer