Kraków, Poland

Krakow Mountain Festival

02/12/2023 - 03/12/2023

Krakow Mountain Festival ( is one ot the most important mountain culture and sport event in Poland. We started the idea of film festival seventeen years ago and now we can say that we are the one of the biggest festival in Poland. Krakow is a center of climbing society in Poland, according to this fact we have about 2000 spectators per day at festival. Festival contains competition for polish and foregins movies, meetings and presentations of the best alpinists and sport climbers, fairs of mountaineering equipment etc. Krakow is the most exciting city in Poland and offers a lots of historical places and outdoor activities locations.

In Krakow vicinity there are beautiful Tatras Mountains, limestone and sandstone sport and bouldering areas. In past years we invited Sir Chris Bonington, Hazel Findley, Alex Hubber, Ines Papert, Tommy Caldwell, Patxi Usobiaga, Raphael Slawinski, Ermanno Salvatera, Mick Folwer, Ueli Steck, Catherine Destivel. Steph Davies, Dean Potter, John Bachar, Marko Prezelj, Mark Synnott, Hans Jorg Auer, Robert Jasper, Klem Loskot, Beat Kammerlander, Leo Houlding, Stephan Siegrist and Steve House (and many others).

Festival director: Wojciech Słowakiewicz

Head programming: Piotr Turkot